Everest and the Toenail

Life in Kathmandu, Nepal and Beyond


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Horizontal the water flows, tumbles over the weir and agitated back to the horizontal again. Meanwhile, frozen in the vertical, a curtain of water hangs motionless. A duality of states in a single instant.

IMG_0020 2.JPG

I stand in the icy cold in the street outside our reclaimed house. Feet on the freezing earth, fearing for a moment that this new life will evaporate away like the exhaled clouds of my breath. I look through the lattice of bare branches up into the sky. Contrails are blown sideways six miles upwards. Hands in pockets I remain motionless, above me hundreds of people tucked up in the darkness watch movies and sleep. In a moment of stillness they are in motion. I am still. Two states in one instant.

The lease on the Party Store on Broad is over and the store is closing. The temple for playtime with fearsome cylinders of gas, party poppers, hats, masks and a host of party related paraphernalia. I knew it then, a place of expectation and excitement. I see it now. I feel so new here, yet the memory is old. Dislocation as the familiar and bewildering combine.

First time through a car wash in six years, E at the wheel. I recall the great pleasure of lurching through the tentacles, flashing lights, wax spray and into the outside. I experience it again. A lazy person’s clean, but still the best of fun, memory and current experience combine.

Motion at 650 miles an hour and stillness co-exist in the same instant. The river both runs and freezes. Childhood combines with adulthood and the past and future are combined into the inexplicable present.


Written by jamesaeoglethorpe

January 9, 2017 at 5:30 pm

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  1. Exquisite, lovely post! I, too, am moved by life’s dualities, but have never seen it elucidated so poetically. Beautiful!


    January 30, 2017 at 6:00 am

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