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Snapshot: Home

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There was a moment I have imagined repeatedly during the past five plus years, an expectation I held close to my heart, an instant when I knew I would be home. It shone like a mountain peak, white in the moonlight, and came to embody all that I missed during our miraculous time away. Tonight I walked up the steps into the rehearsal hall, shaking my head in wonderment and muttering that I couldn’t believe it was happening. That I was actually there, had made it back queuing up for music (opera choruses) being embraced and welcomed back, and, what was my name? Heartfelt and piano.

There is a feeling that is common with good friends who you haven’t seen for many years, yet within a moment of being reunited with them it is like you had seen each other only last week. So it was this evening, rejoining this vocal, musical congregation largely unchanging and familiar as I luxuriated in the instant familiarity. I had taken the final steps on the ascent of this longest of journeys, times when I thought I would never sit in the front row on a metal chair next to my dear friend and be led by a director of such patience and artistic alacrity, accompanied by our own maestro. But there I was, moved to sing, embraced by the congregation and our love of song. Truly, and finally, home.

mostlymen.JPG The New Dominion Chorale in concert, from their website.


Written by jamesaeoglethorpe

January 23, 2017 at 10:19 pm

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